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Under hypnosis, a person can experience perceptual oddities such as imagining smelling bad odors that don't exist, or feeling hot or cold at "Dr. Naughty's" suggestion. One can even unexpectedly stutter or momentarily forget one's name at the snap of "Dr. Naughty's" fingers.

But "Dr. Naughty's" specialty is concentrating on the creative and psychodynamic aspects of the personalities of his volunteers. By doing so he creates extremely funny situations in which his volunteers interact with each other in a "virtual" social encounter. The resulting behavior would - in most cases - be out of the realm of the individual's normal capacities. "Dr. Naughty's" routines are interlaced with the spontaneity of outrageous comments by the volunteers, and the show is guided according to the participants' personalities and audience demands.  

 Hypnotize The Group

 Hypnotize The Group

Instantly Everyone Is In A Trance!

My New Girlfriend!

Shaman Speaking in Tongues!

Shaman Performs An Exorcism

You Lost Your............!

Where Does It Belong!

It's cold at the North Pole

It's cold at the North Pole

The Worlds 1st Pregnant Male!

He Is Very Proud Of Himself!

"R" Rated Sketches

Horrible Kids' TV Show
5th Birthday Party Madness
Irritable Santa Claus
Little Pet Store of Horrors
Hospital Nursery from Hell
Shocking Nerd
Wackiest Space Trip                                           
Wiretapped Shoes
Belly Button Botany
My Favorite Celebrity
Frustrated Math Class

"X" Rated

The Persistent Primitive Shaman
Long Black Tails
Battle of the Sexes
The 1st Pregnant Male
The Drive to Survive
The Magic Button
The X-Ray Glasses
Drunk and Frisky
A Naughty Kid's Game
Forgotten Clothes
The Grand Puppeteer
A X-rated ESP Experiment

Spectacular Routines

The Human Bridge
The Body Electric
The Tongue of Fire
Asbestos Feet
Feet of Iron
The Human Pin Pad
The Telepathic Trance
Comedy Routines
In The Hypno-Sitcom "Lottomania", The Lady
Thinks She Has Won $50 Million
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Some of the scripts that "Dr. Naughty" employs when directing the Hypno-Sketches were taught to him by his friend and teacher, internationally renowned comedian and hypnotist, Richard De La Font. Other scripts are loosely based on ideas created by equally talented, performing hypnotists from the past and present. Credit is given - but not limited - to: Franz Polgar, Frank Slater, Ormand McGill, Ted Boyer, Dr. Michael Dean, Terry Stokes, Wayne Lee and Marshall Sylver. The majority of "Dr. Naughty's" material, however, is generated spontaneously. His quick wit and ability to play off the creative personalities of the participants supply ample raw material. Because of these factors no two shows are alike."Dr. Naughty's" fast-paced show is accented with quick-change costumes, custom music, special effects, and lighting. Participants' responses determine the length of the show - usually anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes.

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